Optum 2022 Annual IPA Compliance Training


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires health plans and its First-Tier Downstream Related entities (FDRs) to comply with specific annual compliance program. My organization is a FDR of Optum and am therefore required to train and attest annually.

The provided links to 2022 courses enable us to meet the requirements in the event my organization does not already have one in place.

To receive 2022 credit for Optum’s annual attestation requirement, click on the Attestation link provided below, review content and complete the following steps:


All *required fields in the Attestation pop-up window must be completed:

  • Step 1D: Start of Training Date and Time
  • Leave the Attestation pop-up window open as you will resume attestation completion shortly
  • Review all training content and links below

Los Angeles County Provider Training:

Attestation pop-up window continued:

All remaining *required fields in the Attestation pop-up window must be completed:

  • Step 2C: Completion of Training Date and Time
      Minimum requirement for Training Timeframe between Attestation Steps 1D and 2C is * 1 hour *unless my organization can evidence that all provided training or its equivalent were completed in 2022 upon request
  • Step 3B: Check the box next to “I Agree” statement
  • Step 4: Tax ID # in XX-XXXXXXX format
  • Step 5: Vendor / Practice Name
  • Step 6: Your Name
  • Step 7: Email Address
  • Step 8: Phone Number
  • Step 9: Click “Done” to submit

Questions or concerns? Email us at  FDROversightCA@optum.com